warning: there’s a storm under my breast.

the sky is falling under my head and all the stars suddenly decided to wrap my skin all at once for maybe I could feel anything else than silence.

yesterday morning I went outside looking for light, reaching any sign of the sun hiding through the clouds that were blocking the light of entering my soul.

but today the sky was out of colors, all the shades and hue's of blue turned into something between the invisible and the untouchable.

sometimes i wish i was something like the blue of the sky, not because of their bright and all the possibilities of colors and the power of being INFINITE. but I wish sometimes i could hide myself through the kindest clouds and turning me into the most reachable state of invisibility.

perhaps I’m already out of colors too. but even when I’m becoming untouchable and making people mad about something silly like the weather, for once, I wished so much to, even then, for being able of fulfilling myself with stars when the night come and having constellations through every space of who I am.

for maybe, i could be light for once.

but today, the city lights around were too bright.

i don't want to describe myself. i'm chaos, pure.