When I was a kid, i was too afraid too ride a bicicle.

I never wanted to take the first step, because i had already fell so many times that my body was full of scars everywhere. …

warning: there’s a storm under my breast.

the sky is falling under my head and all the stars suddenly decided to wrap my skin all at once for maybe I could feel anything else than silence.

yesterday morning I went outside looking for light, reaching any sign of the sun…

once upon a time, there was a garden.

em algum lugar entre as minhas memórias lembro de ter visto um jardim, ontem, às dezessete horas e trinta e quatro minutos, como mostrava o relógio no meu pulso, já cansado de me acompanhar por tantos lugares cheios de apatia e desespero.

your eyes.

people are talking and everything is loud. my feet decided to play some music stuck in my head and now they’re dancing with the ground, shyness enough for nobody to notice.

for sudden, i turn back and for the first time, i find your eyes looking at mine…

the ocean got me today.


living with depression is like walking through the ocean tide as the waves find your face stronger than we believe it could be.

I feel my feet and skin sinking in the sand, and no matter how hard I try to move on, the…


When I was young, i used to have a friend that I called little ghost. He was the one who played my games and stayed around when nobody was.

Well, I can't remember if anybody was around before.

But he was. He was happy, shy, but supported me, when…

O dia que o sol atravessou o universo por um brilho maior que todas as estrelas que vejo do meu céu.

listen while reading.

who’s watching you from the mirror?

— [eng/pt-br]

what if our reflection is just the unique multiverse on the system that it has a version of you who is perfectly physical identical and synchronized with you

and you met and stare at each other every day in front of the…

we’re our own time travellers

what if time is inverted on somewhere in the universe, where spacetime flies through the nebulas the exactly opposite of what we're used to.

i know it's absurdly risky to think about it on the same universe which is supposed to work on general relativity…

But I am.

I hate being a bad friend, student and child.

Because all my life I’ve been trying to be the good one. The almost perfect one.

I’ve been trying to be the perfect child for my mom, the perfect student for my grades, the perfect friend and the…


i don't want to describe myself. i'm chaos, pure.

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